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By providing holistic therapy approaches, meaningful talks and honest training sessions that promote positivity and self-awareness, Asha embraces her own interests in addressing and balancing the many unique aspects that collectively make up an individual. Asha is compassionately committed to working with children and adults of different ages and cultural backgrounds, presenting with a broad spectrum of health, mental, emotional and learning difficulties.

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Therapy Consultations

1-on-1 Therapy allows for multi-disciplinary assessments, to determine remediation & therapy approaches across all psychological conditions.

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Asha Dullabh leads insightful workshops & training sessions that promote positivity, self-awareness & holistic health. See our calendar of events for updates.



Asha Dullabh hosts effective retreats
for Corporates or private groups of individuals who want to reach certain objectives.


Online Courses

Group Talks deliver encouraging notions & informative content to captivated audiences, while her focus is on Real Life Experiences.

Asha Dullabh is an experienced trainer, having run programmes, talks and workshops throughout her 18 years of practice both in person and online. Corporate, private, educational and clinical have enjoyed broadening their repertoire and understanding about topics that truly interest them through engaging workshops, and trainings.

Training courses and workshops can be presented in different format both in person and online and across varied durations, while also being customized to the needs of those attending and tailored to specific organisational requirements. The sky’s the limit with training engagements.

Fierce conversations are authentic conversations, promoting honesty about thoughts and feelings. When two adults are talking authentically as mature equals, they are both comfortable with who they are and don’t seek reassurance or admiration. There are no assumed parent-child roles through status orientated “I’m better than you” attitudes.

Human society is composed of socially acceptable behaviours that do not extend to talking openly, for fear of judgment, non-acceptance, attack, criticism or being taken advantage of. To cope with this reality, we wear virtual masks that hide our true selves and instead reflecting what we hope is a respected and impressive image. When we aren’t being completely truthful, things are left unsaid and can lead to misunderstanding, confusion and conflict. Through fierce conversations, we can talk openly and avoid being alienated from our true selves, which causes inner turmoil.

Therapy S.M.A.R.T, Supportive, Multidisciplinary, Assessments, Remediation and Therapy is an innovative ONLINE “space” that allows instant connection via our computers and smartphones where innovative smart SERVICES connect, integrate, collaborate, and support evolutionary wellbeing. 


“Awe Intelligence” was born out of a realization that the transformative emotion of awe has a profound impact on our overall well-being. In a world increasingly driven by data-driven algorithms and artificial intelligence, there’s a parallel need to cultivate an “intelligence” that is attuned to the awe-inspiring wonders of the human experience. The term embodies the recognition that genuine well-being goes beyond mere data points; it thrives on moments that leave us awe-struck, connected, and inspired. As our lives become more digitized and fast-paced, the need for “Awe Intelligence” has never been more crucial. It serves as a timely reminder to pause, reconnect with the beauty and vastness of the world, and tap into a wellspring of insights that can enrich our lives. By integrating the wisdom of awe into our understanding of intelligence, “Awe Intelligence” empowers individuals to navigate the complexities of modern life with a renewed sense of purpose, gratitude, and wonder.

Awe is the profound emotional response that arises when we confront something so remarkable, vast, or sublime that it momentarily surpasses our cognitive framework. It has the remarkable ability to shift human understanding and perspective by expanding the boundaries of what we thought was possible. This experience of awe challenges our preconceived notions, broadens our horizons, and encourages us to perceive the world with a newfound sense of wonder and curiosity. In these moments, our mental landscape undergoes a transformative shift, allowing us to grasp the intricacies of existence and our place within it in ways we hadn’t previously imagined. 

My Blog

Seeking Joy

Seeking Joy

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Tips on coping with anxiety

Tips on coping with anxiety

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“Words are the most singularly the most powerful source available to humanity. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble”.

Let’s Hear What Others Are Saying…

Asha provides me a safe space to just be and let go. Even on days when I don’t feel like saying much, her stories just ignite something within and give me ideas on a way forward or just merely reminding me to be easy on myself.

After my sessions I somehow tend to feel lighter and more excited about my day. I love that she is able to challenge me and be straight with me and actually point me to address certain areas that I might have been neglecting or putting aside.

At times it cam seem a bit scary but when I think about it, it works out for my good. since I tend to be a perfectionist at times one of my biggest lessons is seeing Asha stay real and embracing all of herself. that for me is a sweet reminder that hey I am great flaws and all.

Client Testimonial

I can always rely on Asha to guide me throughout my life experiences, be it past or present, with great empathy and understanding.

She helps me gain a better insight into my own world, and others around me, and my honest experience with therapy has been a rewarding one thanks to her skills and demeanor. 

Even though I was initially afraid to start the process, Asha has always made it comfortable and convenient for me to express myself.

Client Testimonial

Hi Asha, I thought it was a great workshop & definitely enlightened me more on learning how to disconnect from being over stimulated by everything around me and my phone especially. I love learning about the word Awe. It’s a word I never thought of and I learned in this workshop that it has so much meaning and a great effect in our lives. After the workshop I’m able to be more aware in things that give me Awe.

Client Testimonial

Asha’s workshop on Awe Intelligence made me realize what I was missing and what it is I have been anxiously looking for. Used to be that I chased success in the form of fame, fortune, and approval and in some ways I still do, but overtime I realized that alone is not what would bring me satisfaction. I have been a patient of Asha’s for a year and the topic we always come back to is mindfulness and being fully present or as Asha would put it: Awe. 

After this workshop I was able to better understand what Awe intelligence is (still need to do research) and why we need it in our lives. However, I don’t think grasping the topic would’ve been possible without Asha’s brilliant presentational skills and her interactive speaking methods. She always made time to ask us about our opinions and acknowledged our answers which made me more excited to listen and engage. In other words, the workshops itself was very Awe-inspiring and I can’t wait to learn more!

Client Testimonial

Hi, Asha! 

I loved your workshop.. how informative! 

I really needed this! Ever since the baby, I’ve been so lost and out of touch with myself. Today’s workshop gave me some time to introspect my thoughts and actions. 

Thank you so much for the workshop.

Client Testimonial

The AI AWE Intelligence workshop was highly informative and well presented. The session stimulated innovative discussion and questions about the concept of AWE Intelligence, a refreshing and novel approach to guiding us inwardly and tapping into our innate creative intelligence, our inner tranquility and our inherent pure joy, of Wonder and of AWE.

Client Testimonial

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