About Your Host Asha Dullabh


Asha Dullabh completed her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa and has since experienced many defining moments that have shaped her approaches to therapy and healing.


Since her studies, Asha has spent 18 years working privately as a Clinical Psychologist in South Africa, neighbouring African countries and the United Arab Emirates. Asha is the Founder and Director of Therapy S.M.A.R.T Online, (Supportive Multi-disciplinary Assessments Remediation and Therapy), an inspiring online platform, offering a range of online smart wellbeing services.


Therapy S.M.A.R.T online incorporates a team of smart, dedicated and knowledgeable network of international professionals offering their unique specialities.



“Asha provides me a safe space to just be and let go. Even on days when I don’t feel like saying much, her stories just ignite something within and give me ideas on a way forward or just merely remind me to be easy on myself.

After my sessions, I somehow tend to feel lighter and more excited about my day. I love that she is able to challenge me and be straight with me and actually point me to address certain areas that I might have been neglecting or putting aside.

At times it can seem a bit scary but when I think about it, it works out for my good. Since I tend to be a perfectionist at times one of my biggest lessons is seeing Asha stay real and embrace all of herself. That for me is a sweet reminder that hey I am great flaws and all.”


“I can always rely on Asha to guide me throughout my life experiences, be it past or present, with great empathy and understanding.

She helps me to gain a better insight into my own world, and others around me, and my honest experience with therapy has been a rewarding one thanks to her skills and demeanor.

Even though I was initially afraid to start the process, Asha has always made it comfortable and convenient for me to express myself.”


“Meeting Asha was nothing short of a miracle. She has helped me work through my emotions and I feel a lot more in control of myself, my emotions and my overall well-being. Asha is a blessing and I enjoy my sessions with her thoroughly!!!”